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American Portable Nuclear Gauge Association

A radiation detection device, also known as radiation survey meter or handheld Geiger Counter, is the best instrument a gauge user can have for determining the presence and intensity of radiation. These meters measure in millirem or microsievert counts per hour. You should acquire a model that detects alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray. These meters can also locate neutron sources by detecting the small amount of gamma ray photons released by the source.

Remember that humans have no senses to detect the presence of radiation and the small size of the encapsulated source will make it very difficult to visually locate in the unlikely event of separation from the source rod.

Your regulatory agency requires that you own or have access to a radiation survey meter. Make sure to provide the model and range, typically 0-50mr/hr or 0-200mr/hr, and the annual calibration service provider that you will use, including their name, address, license number and agency that issued the license.

The survey meter is useful in detecting a damaged or malfunctioning source rod sliding block.

There are numerous models of survey meters typically consisting of a detector an analog or digital display. Some models have a LED and audio click that enact when in the presence of radiation. A basic model will allow you to survey your gauge storage area as well as the radiation zone around the storage area, ensuring that you are providing a safe work environment.

Most gauge manufacturers and service providers offer survey meters. A basic model will run from $300.00 to $600.00. In this price range they are all about the same (S E International Model 4). Keep in mind that your license will require you to have your survey meter calibrated on an annual basis. Annual calibration will cost $75.00 to $100.00. Most of the manufacturers and service providers will calibrate your detector.

APNGA survey meter

Calibration Service Providers

Aguinaga Technical Services
1924-C Calumet Drive
Sheboygan, WI 53081


Dade Moeller Analytical and Calibration Services
704 S. Illinois Avenue, Suite C-101
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
865-481-6050 x3406

Laboratory Technical Services LLC
2016 N Palafox St
Pensacola, FL 32501-2145

MJW Technical Services
243 Root St, Suite 100
Olean, NY 14760

Occupational Services, Inc.
6397 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

Qal-Tek Associates
3998 Commerce Circle
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Quantum Technical Services
P.O. Box 7950
Pasadena, TX 77508

6312 W Oakton St
Morton Grove, IL 60053